Wednesday, June 27, 2012

1-800 Numbers Delivered Virtually

Our roots as a company grew out of a traditional phone company - the Santel Communications Cooperative to be exact - and our name Mitchell TELECOM even gives an obvious wink and a nudge to those telephone roots. The ironic part is it wasn't until we figured out that we were actually a broadband company that things fell into place and we started seeing success in Mitchell.

We didn't have much choice in the matter. Customers decided for us by showing, telling and demanding what was important to their lives or businesses. That began the transition and it was important for us to deliver on the same standards of service that our fore fathers did growing up in the cooperative. Luckily our staff has been able to deliver on that promise.

Why am I taking the time to write about this? Great question. I have been thinking a lot recently about this history as we see more and more of our traditional 'phone' services get rolled into the broadband pipe. The latest one available for Mitchell Telecom is a 800 number that we can provide virtually, forward it to your business, home or cell phone - wherever you want it locally.

That, in-and-of-itself is really not a big deal, for the most part it mirrors how 800 service has always been set up. What's unique here is that the calls your customers make to connect to the 800 number do so over the Internet using Voice Over IP (VOIP).

Why would someone want to connect to a 800 number via the Internet? #1 Reason - Cost. Rates are much cheaper when utilizing VOIP over traditional connections and since it is delivered virtually, you can use existing phone lines which means no additional phone lines for 800 service.

#2 Reason - Flexibility. The 800 number could now move with you rather than only ringing a single location. That means soloprenuer businesses can offer clients 800 connectivity and know they'll get the call regardless if they are in the office or not. Wild, huh?

The next step we are testing with is a virtual phone line that can connect via your laptop providing your phone service wherever you have Internet service. I've snapped a small screen shot from my laptop to show you the software we're using to play with the technology today.

(Soft Phone Application loaded on my laptop. Plug in a headset and I'm wired with phone service anywhere I have Internet.)

If you want to learn more about this product or other Mitchell Telecom services, let us know at

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Farmer's Market Photo Diary

Some shots from last week's Farmer's Market...

After being out of town the past two weeks we had not made it to the market yet this year. An early morning rain shower had the troops concerned the conditions wouldn't be favorable for an appearance on week 3. The rain cleared and we made the trek around 9am to make sure we didn't miss out on anything.

Here's half of our travel group for this past Saturday morning. Paxton is eyeballing some of the vendors looking for a great deal (we let him do some negotiating).  Presley is more worried about getting a cookie from her mother (she has the eye for the good stuff). Needless to say they're fans of the market.

After a quick stop at the Colony's tent to see what they had in stock - I wasn't feeling the beets, lettuce, chickens or fresh noodles (hitsorically fantastic) on this trip - we make our way to a baker from Tripp. We took home a fresh loaf of Garlic Cheese bread (it's the fourth from the right on the bottom) to accompany spaghetti and for panini's this week. Great bread - not enough garlic to make a good garlic bread on it's own, but a nice 'hint' of garlic on the panini bread. I would like this bread if it was on Facebook.

Here's a look at the rest of the vendors on the east side. You have the canning lady before the baked goods lady, some veggies, raspberry jelly after that, and two more baked goods options.

Speaking of baked goods, here's the motherload - a mix of kuchen, pies and fantastic coffee cake. No lie, my mouth waters as I typed the message.

In addition to the veggies and goodies on hand, a church youth group was there cooking up breakfast. Pax was angling to get his hands on a breakfast burrito, but we opted to walk down to Cornerstone for a cup of coffee and a roll for the babes.  All in all a great way to spend an hour in Mitchell on a Saturday morning.

I noticed that I missed photos for the animal rescue tent, Billy's BBQ Sauces and Rubs as well as teh other vendors on the west side. My bad guys, I'll try to do better this week.

UPDATE: I forgot to add that Mitchell Main Street & Beyond is hosting their Third Thursday promotion downtown tomorrow and a special weekday Farmer's Market will be a part of the event. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Heart & Sole Pie Auction

The Mitchell Telecom staff has been making (and in some cases buying) pies and desserts for the annual KORN / Q107 Pie Auction that supports the Mitchell Heart & Sole Cancer Walk for the past four years. We will be back at it for this year's event on Tuesday, June 12 with some of the best treats you can get your hands on - plus, when you purchase one of our 'efforts' we'll add a free month of residential Internet service (a $34.95 value).

Make sure you listen to KORN or Q107 next Tuesday and make sure you bid to help support a wonderful cause. You might just end up with a sweet treat and a credit on your bill!

For more information on the Heart & Sole Cancer Walk, check out their website -