Monday, April 30, 2012

Great Customer Service, Plain & Simple

One of the main things we hear from customers is how great our staff is at providing customer service and how much it is appreciated. We wanted to pull back the curtain to show how we celebrate customer service.

{warning - do not try this at home}

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Burger, Fries & a Soda -- Would you like a double referral bonus with that?

LUNCH IS ON US! The date has been set - May 3rd. The time is the same as year's past - 11:30am to 1pm. The event? Our annual Customer Appreciation Lunch and this year you'll be able to pick up a Burger, Fries and Soda at any of these three locations - Culvers, McDonald's (North Main) or Burger King.

Look for the Mitchell Telecom staff member at the lunch restaurant of your choice (HINT - we'll be in the blue polos) and we will get you hooked up. Want more details? Look for this stuffer as a part of your May bill, which has all the details.

DOUBLE REFERRAL BONUS: As another thank you to our awesome customer base, we are DOUBLING our referral bonus for anyone that helps spread the word about Mitchell Telecom's service. For a limited time, when you help a friend or neighbor make the connection to Mitchell Telecom, we will add a $20 Credit to your account for every service (phone, internet or cable TV) they take.

So...tell Barney next door and your best friend, Veronica, about the great service you get from Mitchell Telecom and help them make the connection. In doing so, they'll receive a FREE MONTH OF SERVICE just for signing up.  Make sure they mention your name when they sign up and we'll do the rest.

A great deal all the way around...
- They get a free month of service 
- You get up to $60 off your bill for every customer that you refer
- Everyone enjoys the great Mitchell Telecom service (did I say that already?)

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Podcast #9 with Molly Goldsmith of Mitchell Main Street & Beyond

-- Recorded 4/16/12 --

We catch up with Molly Goldsmith, the Executive Director of Mitchell Main Street & Beyond, to chat about some upcoming events that will take place in our downtown area.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Uniquely Mitchell: First United Methodist Church Channel

As I’m prone to say around the office, Mitchell is unique and we want to be uniquely “Mitchell.” In short, that means we try to approach things from a different angle at Mitchell Telecom. The thought being is, as the ‘new guy in town’ if we attack things in the same old way, we’ll never be better than those that came before us. This philosophy can be seen in the customer service we provide, the quality in our products and in the delivery of new services to the Mitchell community. It’s that last part, I’d like to talk about today.

Almost two years now we’ve made a commitment to delivering unique, impactful and local content to our customer base. Whether it is a Kernel basketball game, forum on the Corn Palace or City Council meeting the content we develop has special meaning to the community we serve. We’re extremely proud to deliver this programming and feel it is a big differentiator that sets us apart from the competition.  The response from our customers has validated that investment and we hope they like this as well…

First United Methodist Church (FUMC) Channel: Our first dedicated local content channel, the First United Methodist Church Channel, recently launched on your Digital TV Package and can be found on Channel 110. The channel marks a partnership between Mitchell Telecom and FUMC and aims to bring the wonderful content that happens at FUMC to your living room.

The FUMC Channel will feature two LIVE Sunday services each week - Traditional Service at 8:30am & Blended Service (which typically features the Praise Band) at 11:00am. These services will also be recorded and rebroadcast throughout the week. In addition to broadcasting Sunday services, Christmas programs, special concerts and non-Sunday services will be featured LIVE on the FUMC Channel 110.

We owe a special debt of gratitude to Ron Holten, FUMC’s Chair of the Church Council, for kick starting this project and spearheading the work with us along the way – so, Ron, a thousand thanks from the Mitchell Telecom team.
Be sure to check out the happening at First United Methodist Church on Channel 110.  AND, if your Church records Sunday services amongst other things and you have an interest to see them on Mitchell Telecom, please email us at