Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Three things I'm looking forward to in June

#1 - Farmer's Market

June 2nd marks the opening day for the Mitchell Farmer's Market. I was so excited, we recorded a podcast with Time at the Table's Billy Mawhiney to see what we can expect in 2012. Listen here - http://mit-tel.blogspot.com/2012/05/podcast-10-billy-mawhiney-talks-about.html

Also, a quick plug for the Mitchell CSA Program (Community Supported Agriculture). You can learn more at www.freshmitchell.info.

#2 - Common Law (Fridays on USA Network)

Who's looking for something other than Reality TV this summer? This Guy. Who's a sucker for those goofball buddy cop shows? OK, you got me. Who's free on Friday, June 1st at 9pm? Hey now, let's not rub it in.

I'll be checking out this new series from USA Network to see if it can fill a bit of the void Psych leaves me this summer. I'm cautiously hopeful and if it doesn't work out, I'll have Franklin & Bash.

#3 - Rock of Ages

I have a rule that says do not pay to see Tom Cruise movies unless the words 'Mission' and 'Impossible' are involved. Combine that with my other rule that says do not watch musicals, and you can tell I'm very torn to include Rock of Ages on this month's list. I think it is the music of the 80's and Alec Baldwin that is throwing me off - anyway, I plan to see it.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Podcast #10: Billy Mawhiney talks about Mitchell's Farmer's Market & CSA Program

---Recorded 5/22/12---

The Mitchell Farmer's Market starts back up on Saturday, June 2nd and we wanted to see what's in store for this summer. Bill Mawhiney from Time at the Table was able to stop by and let us know.

iPhone user? Try this link - http://archive.org/details/MitchellTelecomPocast10WBillyMawhiney

Monday, May 21, 2012

Kid-K Says Goodbye

Mumblings hit the wire last Friday that Kerry Wood was going to hang 'em up and leave the Cubs later that day - I was blown away. Woody has been struggling this year (which is putting it lightly) but I always assumed it would pass and he'd be back to his old flame throwing self. In reading the build up and post game reports it felt different, something had changed and it seemed like baseball was no longer in the big picture - Kid-K had grown up.

My relationship (big stretch) with Kerry Wood goes back to my senior year in high school when he was still in the minors and Harry Caray would fly off the handle a couple times a week calling Wood the future. Unfortunately, Harry would pass away before seeing any of that promise fulfilled - he would have loved seeing Kerry's legendary 20-strikeout / 1-hit game in only his fifth career start (at age 19).

I remember where I was that day and who I was with, Jerde Hall Room 230 with Travis Watson, Matt Bastian, Josh Graves and Marty Skroch - crazy when you think about it over 14 years later. The day turned out to be the table of contents for his career - electric fastball, devastating curveball, effectively wild and a goatee that never perfectly fit. The following season was lost to Tommy John Surgery and struggles in 2000 seemed to be a fitting follow up to a banner rookie campaign. It became a theme of his career - tantilizing talent with less-than-tantalizing timing.

Later in his career, he made a move to the bullpen  and became very good at the backend of games (saving 34 games in 2008) featuring the same pitches that held so much promise back in 1998. He left Chicago for a couple years providing bullpen help to the Indians and Yankees before making a return trip to the northside.

I'll remember him for being lights out in Atlanta in 2003 on the mound and at the plate. I'll remember him for clubbing a homer in game 7 against the Marlins only to be saddled with the loss. I'll remember him as Harry Caray's favorite Cub phenom. I'll remember the 20-Strikeout game where he was an unhittable pitcher as I'll likely ever see. As he walked off the field on Friday and hugged his son I'll admit it got a little dusty in the Peper household - I'll miss that guy. Kid-K became the old man.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I hate California, Robert

Season 8 of The Office will come to a close tonight and along with it, I hope we can say the same about Dunder Mifflin/Sabre CEO, Robert California. When Michael Scott exited the show toward the end of Season 7, our favorite paper company was in need of leadership - enter Mr. California. That move has forced me to write this letter.

Dear Robert California -

I've found your participation during this season of The Office to be boring and nearing burdensome. Nothing (good or bad) seems to come from you whenever you are on the screen and I feel like you say the same thing every time you speak. Its not your fault, you were in a no win situation having to follow in the footprints of a legend in Michael Scott.

I will note two exceptions: a) the scene in which you are practicing wrestling in your Florida apartment, b) the skinny dipping scene from the last night in your Scranton home. Both were spontaneous and funny, which begs the question - what the heck were you doing the rest of the time?

Please don't take this personally, but Mr. California it is time to move on and hopefully you can look back fondly on your time in Scranton and at Dunder Mifflin / Sabre.


Every Fan of the Office
(Especially Scott Peper)

As far as the show goes, I'm guessing there was a lot of pressure to capitalize on the momentum of last season and they wanted make a strong statement with whatever happened with the management change. While there probably wasn't a perfect option available, after watching this season I'll submit that Robert California was the wrong move. The character is plenty quirky to qualify as a member of the Dunder Mifflin - Scranton branch, the problem is that he just doesn't fit well with the other members of the office.

The choice should have been to focus on the remaining members of the office and allow for new blood to account for tertiary plots as we found our way in a Michael Scott-less office. Instead, it feels like the California character has been invented to re-purpose Michael's antics - something that is unattainable.

Here's looking to tonight's finale and Season 9.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Three Things I'm Looking Forward to in May

#1 – Customer Appreciation Lunch
 The single best day of the year to interact with customers and get a ton of feedback – we typically see 400 – 500 folks in about 90 minutes. This year’s event is set for Thursday, May 3rd from 11:30am – 1:00pm and customers can choose Burger King, McDonald’s (north location) or Culver’s for their burger, fries and soda.

Just look for the Mitchell Telecom staff member (we’ll be wearing a blue polo) and enjoy your meal. Thanks again for another year of picking us as your communications provider.

#2 - Season Finales
May sweeps is probably the best TV month of the year and I think they do it as a consolation prize for the next three months of replays and reality TV. This May, I’m hoping that The Office can end on a high note, since the first season sans Michael Scott has been pretty bumpy. My preference is that they start to get back to their roots and focus on the core Scranton group – I think there is a TV show there. This season (in my opinion) has been spent too much on compensating for Michael that they forgot about the other 13-ish people in the office. Beyond that, I hope that Leslie doesn’t win the election on Parks & Recreation since it will change the premise of the show.
From the predictions department, I’m going to guess someone in the recurring cast on NCIS either dies or leaves the show. We’re going on two seasons with this group – time for a shakeup.

#3 – Memorial Weekend in Mitchell
The Memorial Weekend in Mitchell event turns 10 years old on Saturday, May 26th and promises to be another great event for the Mitchell community. I’m a sucker for live music and barbeque, so guess what I’ll be doing that day?

Here’s a couple links for more information:
Imagine Guild Site - http://theimagineguild.org/