Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More Channels Now Available

Your access to local content just quadrupled. Mitchell Telecom has partnered with our parent company, Santel Communications, to bring their local content into the Mitchell community. Santel has worked with four school districts in their service area (Parkston, Wolsey, Tripp-Delmont and Woonsocket) to set up local programming that originates from each of the high schools. Similar to our Channel 90, a big chunk of that coverage happens to be high school sporting events and I've included a schedule for the winter months below.

The new channels can be found in our digital package on Channels 101 (Parkston), 102 (Wolsey), 103 (Tripp), and 104 (Woonsocket). The channels along with the game schedule has been added to your digital guide - check there for complete information on dates and times.

4              GBB  vs Freeman
7              GBB vs Tea Area
14           GBB vs Chamberlain
                BBB vs Chamberlain
17           GBB vs Tripp/Delmont/Armour
18           BBB vs Avon
28           Parkston Classic, GBB
29           Parkston Classic, BBB
10           GBB vs Wagner
                BBB vs Wagner
14           BBB vs Andes Central
17           BBB vs Bon Homme
24           BBB vs Lennox
29           GBB vs McCook Central/Montrose
4              GBB vs Scotland
                BBB vs Scotland
8              BBB vs Tea Area
9              GBB vs Bridgewater/Emery
12           GBB vs Andes Central
15           BBB vs Mt. Vernon
13           GBB vs Iroquois
17           BBB vs Mitchell Christian
3              GBB vs JVC
10           BBB  vs DeSmet
11           GBB 281 Tourney, 3:30
19           GBB vs Corsica/Stickney
22           GBB vs SBA
28           GBB  vs Kimball/White Lake
4              GBB vs Lake Preston
5              BBB vs Wessington Springs
9              GBB vs Aberdeen Christian, 1:00
11           BBB vs Hitchcock-Tulare
12           GBB Wolsey-Wessington vs Hitchcock-Tulare, 6:30
15           BBB Wolsey-Wessington vs SBA, 6:30
18           BBB Wolsey-Wessington vs JVC, 6:30
8          GBB w/ Menno
BBB w/Menno
3          GBB vs Mitchell Christian
4          BBB vs Scotland
21        BBB vs Plankinton/Mt. Veron
28        BBB vs Wagner
29        GBB vs Ethan
1          GBB  vs Marty
BBB vs Marty
14        GBB vs Scotland

8          GBB Sanborn Central/Woonsocket vs SBA (DH)
            BBB Sanborn Central/Woonsocket vs SBA (DH)
3          BBB Sanborn Central/Woonsocket vs Andes Central, 6:30
8          GBB Sanborn Central/Woonsocket vs Kimball/White Lake (DH, second game)
      BBB Sanborn Central/Woonsocket vs Kimball/White Lake (DH, first game)
11        GBB 281 Tourney, 3:30 (At Wolsey, Channel 102)
25        BBB Woonsocket/Sanborn Central vs Wessington Springs, 6:30
4          GBB Sanborn Central/Woonsocket vs Bridgewater/Emery, 6:30
8          GBB Sanborn Central/Woonsocket vs Highmore/Harrold (DH, second game)
      BBB Sanborn Central/Woonsocket vs Highmore/Harrold (DH, first game)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Winter Schedule

The Channel 90 Schedule for our winter coverage has been released. You can find a copy of it HERE. Our coverage will again feature Kernel Hoops and Wrestling along with DWU Hoops and Marlins Hockey. In addition to our local teams, we'll feature the Mike Miller, Hanson and DWU classics (one each month) during December, January and February.

New this year will be Final Round coverage of two Kernel Wrestling Tournaments. We'll bring you championship mat coverage during the finals of both the Jerry Opbroek Invite (1/12) and the ESD Conference Meet (2/9). In both cases, the tournaments overlap with coverage from a basketball classic - that means we'll have to feature them on our overflow channel (91).

We're looking forward to another great season from our local teams - Good Luck Kernels, Tigers & Marlins and have a great Thanksgiving, y'all!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Master's Class in Growing a Business

I was lucky enough to attend the My Biggest Break Luncheon hosted by The Network yesterday at Logan Luxury Theater. It was the 2nd Annual Luncheon that features local business owners that shared their story and what led them to their success. This year's Biggest Break featured Roger Musick and Dick Muth - two guys that have quarterbacked wildly successful businesses in the community for a combined 70+ years and could pen a pretty good how-to manual for growing businesses. I thoroughly enjoyed the 90 minutes and came a way with a number of great themes that I'll plagiarize for years to come - here are three of my favorites...

1. Good People - Find great people, train them right and empower them to do the job. Great advice for any potential entrepreneur.

2. Controlled Growth / Pick Your Spots - In each case, these businesses started off with few or no employees and have exploded to hundreds of employees. But that growth came strategically and in my personal opinion has probably allowed them to control standards over time.

3. Do Something You Enjoy - I got the feeling from both Dick and Roger that if the job became too much of a grind they'd ride off into the sunset. Both guys have family in the business, which adds a layer to this topic - meaning they do something they enjoy with people they enjoy and care about.

Thanks Dick and Roger for the master's class in growing a business and thanks to The Network for hosting this great event.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kudos Mitchell -- Smart21 Communities of 2013

You saw this right?

Mitchell named as one of the Smart21 Communities of 2013 by the Intelligent Community Forum, a think tank that studies the economic and social development of the 21st Century community. The ICF put our little town along side communities like Philadelphia, PA and Columbus, OH in the US as well as other communities across the globe. Pretty cool, huh?

We at Mitchell Telecom like to think our commitment to the community that brought a Fiber-To-The-Home Network and our broadband, phone and cable services to Mitchell had a little something to do with the community being considered for this award. In actuality, you can look a number of institutions, businesses and our local government that made this possible - we're just happy others take notice of how well we have it in Mitchell.

We have opportunities and access in our homes and businesses that other places in the state, nation and globe would drool over. So....that leads me to a question - what inventive uses of broadband do you see from the people and businesses in Mitchell?

Please post a comment below or if you'd rather email me at speper@mitchelltelecom.com.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Quick Hitters (Channel 90 Version)

- DWU Hoops coverage is back on Channel 90 tonight with a Doubleheader versus York College. The Women's game is set to tip off at 5pm with the Men's game to follow.

- We'll have Region Volleyball coverage on Friday evening as the Kernels take on Sturgis with a trip to the State AA Volleyball Tournament on the line. Coverage starts at 5pm and we'll have it live on Channel 90 with Steve Morgan from KORN on the call.

- Speaking of State Volleyball Tournaments, we'll have expanded coverage from all three tournament sites next week thanks to South Dakota Public Broadcasting. You will be able to find complete coverage of the AA Tournament on Channel 90, the B Tournament on Channel 91 and the A Tournament on Channel 402.

- It seems odd to already have our final football game of the year, but that will happen Saturday afternoon as DWU takes on Midland Lutheran at 1pm from Joe Quintal Field. We'll have that for you on Channel 90 as well.

- My last note is one of apology. We finalized our winter broadcast schedule this week and are now in the process of updating the website. Our pocket schedules will be sent to the printer as soon as the website is complete. After this week / weekend, we only have two more local games scheduled for Channel 90 before the end of the month. Those would be DWU hoops contests featuring the DWU Women (vs Presentation College) on November 20th and a DWU Doubleheader (vs Dordt) on November 28th - check your guide for more information.