Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The WiFi, it's extending

It's crazy to think about the explosion of wireless device use in our homes over the past couple years. If your house is anything like mine, you've seen exponential growth in the devices that use your in-home Wi-Fi network. Personally, I went from a laptop, iPod Touch and smart phone using our home's Wi-Fi to two laptops, two smart phones, a Roku box, Blu-Ray Player, iPads and iPods - literally five times the number of devices over a pretty short period.

We now NEVER CONNECT TO THE INTERNET VIA A WIRE in our house and haven't done so in quite some time. The byproduct of that growth is a bigger importance and reliance on our Wi-Fi network to make entertainment and information available throughout the home. As you might expect (and probably experience), we found certain parts of the house had better connectivity to Wi-Fi and other areas (garage, bedrooms, deck, etc) would have reduced or no connection.

I needed a way to extend our home Wi-Fi network and do it in a manner that didn't cost an arm and a leg. Thankfully, our techs were able to find a solution that wins on both accounts and connects to our existing router - a home wireless access point.

After using the access point ourselves, we now want to make this product available to our customers who find themselves in the same boat. You can add a home wireless access point to your Wi-Fi network for only $79.95 and we'll have our technicians do the install, set up and make sure your devices get connected.

- Extends the signal from your existing wireless router
- Boosts the Wi-Fi signal in and around your home
- Professionally Installed and Setup

ONLY $79.95
Add one today - email to get started

Mitchell Telecom's home wireless access point