Wednesday, July 25, 2012

23 Days

The calendar is about to pack away another July and open up the next August. For us, that signals the start of another season of local sports content on Channel 90, which is set to start on August 17th – 23 days from today. That date will feature a Mitchell Christian / James Valley Christian contest in Boys Varsity Soccer, which is scheduled for 7:30pm from the Pepsi Soccer Complex.

For the Fall Season, we have over 50 games scheduled for LIVE coverage between August 17th and November 10th. That schedule will include the complete home schedule for Kernel and Tiger Football as well as Kernel Volleyball.   

Rounding out our coverage will be select games of DWU Soccer (Men & Women), DWU Volleyball, MHS Soccer (Boys & Girls) and MCHS Soccer (Boys). Look for a complete schedule for our fall coverage to be added to the site shortly and we will be distributing our pocket schedules in early August.

Here’s looking forward to another great season…starting in 23 days.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Splash

Our annual family fun day at the Mitchell Aquatic Center is back for its third year on Friday, July 13th and promises a full day of games and activities. Mitchell Telecom will provide FREE admission to the center all day and the MAC staff have activities planned for the kids throughout the day.

New this year, we'll provide a DIVE IN MOVIE poolside starting around 9pm. Bring your whole family to watch DOLPHIN TALE and get a little extra pool time in while enjoying some popcorn.

Email us at if you have any questions.

Mitchell Aquatic Center


--Fun, Games & Activities for kids of all ages--

Plus, we cap the day off with a poolside showing of Dolphin Tale starring 
Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd and Harry Connick Jr around 9pm.

Bring the entire family and enjoy this unique event!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Podcast #11 - Geek Speak w/ Jon Mueller

---Recorded 7/5/12---

Our old friend (and podcast appearance record holder), Jon Mueller, joins the cast again to breakdown another rendition of Geek Speak. In this installment we talk Home Automation, the remote desktop application, Square's mobile payment processing solution, a mobile hot spot app for your Droid phone, and our Virtual 800 service.

Four Things I'm Looking Forward to in July

I’m sorry that you were forced to make it through the first five days of July not know what I was looking forward to this month. Since you’ve been so patient, I’ve super sized the number of things I can’t wait for…seriously you’ll freak out!
Four Things (and 8 sub-things) I’m looking forward to in July
  • Television! Looking at the month, July is a sneaky good month for TV, which is odd since the summer is usually a wasteland of reality TV. Not July, you have a ton of things to be happy for this month – happy birthday America!
a.       Big Brother (Thursday, July 12th): Honestly, I can’t believe I still watch this show. The past couple years I’ll make believe that there is no way I’m going to watch the new season, and BAM one week in I’m watching. I blame my wife.
b.      White Collar (Tuesday, July 10th): Here’s where the really good stuff starts. When we last saw Neal, Peter, Mozzie and Kelly Kapowski the heat was coming down on Neal for the treasure heist, he cut his anklet off and started to run just before the results of his parole hearing were coming out. This will be the first time in the show when Neal and Peter will be pitted against one another as the FBI turns their focus on Neal.  You NEED to watch this.
c.       Leverage (Sunday, July 15th): Great Sunday night option that delivers an old-fashioned heist every week. I love the group dynamic (especially Hardison) and enjoy the twist each episode of how the get out of the jam. It reminds me of watching Murder She Wrote growing up – except everything is exactly opposite.
d.      Walking Dead Marathon / Season 3 Preview Weekend (July 7th & 8th): Season Three isn’t set to start until October, but the folks at AMC in their infinite wisdom is throwing us a bone by giving us a preview weekend in July. AND, they are even re-airing the entire series back-to-back over the weekend. They will also have a Talking Dead show previewing the upcoming season on Sunday.  If you haven’t watched the show, now is the time to DVR it and catch up. You’ll thank me later.
                                                               i.      In addition to the marathon, they will show the original pilot in black & white – holy schnikies! Check it out – 8pm Sunday, July 8th on AMC.

  • New Series: Political Animals. This looks like another installment of the smart and well made new series from USA Network.  Sigourney Weaver stars as we see the curtain pulled back on a former first-family as they juggle political and personal ambition.  For more information, check out -    
  •  Olympics Start July 27th – Truth be told, the Olympics are not a favorite of mine anymore, but I still get sucked in by a couple events every four years. I’ll tune in for the Men’s 100 meter dash  like my life depended on it and anything Michael Phelps is involved in (the guy is a freak).
  • Bonus Round: Movies!
a.       The Dark Night Rises – Loved, Loved, Loved the first two Nolan / Bale Batman movies and I can’t wait for the third installment. I see that Logan Luxury has a Marathon planned for July 19th. I’m guessing that would be seven well spent hours if you could manage the time!
b.      Savages – Oliver Stone teams up with Tim Riggins and awesome ensues.
c.       The Watch – Good cast (Vaughn, Stiller, and Hill) with a funny premise (a neighborhood watch group forms to fight aliens).